West Bengal Rto Codes, West Bengal Vehicle number list, Rto Name, Address, Contact Number by district and cities

Rto CodeCity
WB-01Kolkata Beltala (two-wheelers)
WB-02Kolkata Beltala (private four-wheelers)
WB-03Kolkata Beltala (commercial goods carriages)
WB-04Kolkata Beltala (commercial passenger vehicles)
WB-05Kolkata Kasba (commercial vehicles)
WB-06Kolkata Kasba (private vehicles (from WB-06K); however, from WB-06 till WB-06J registered in Beltala RTO as private four-wheelers)
WB-07Kolkata Salt Lake (commercial vehicles (from WB-07J); however, from WB-07 till WB-07H registered in Beltala RTO as two-wheelers)
WB-08Kolkata Salt Lake (private vehicles)
WB-11Howrah (transport vehicles)
WB-12Howrah (private vehicles)
WB-13Uluberia (transport vehicles)
WB-14Uluberia (private vehicles) Two-wheelers registered under Howrah RTO from WB-14E till WB-14L.
WB-15Hugli-Chuchura (transport vehicles)
WB-16Hugli-Chuchura (private vehicles)
WB-17(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-18Dankuni (private vehicles from 18 K onwards; however from WB-18 till WB-18G registered in Hugli-Chuchura RTO as private vehicles)
WB-19Alipore (transport vehicles)
WB-20Alipore (private vehicles)
WB-21(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-22(* yet to be allotted *) (however WB-22, WB-22U registered in Alipore RTO as private vehicles)
WB-23Barrackpore (transport vehicles)
WB-24Barrackpore (private vehicles)
WB-25Barasat (transport vehicles)
WB-26Barasat (private vehicles)
WB-27(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-28(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-29Tamluk (transport vehicles)
WB-30Tamluk (private vehicles)
WB-31Contai (transport vehicles)
WB-32Contai (private vehicles)
WB-33Midnapur (transport vehicles)
WB-34Midnapur (private vehicles)
WB-35(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-36(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-37Asansol (transport vehicles)
WB-38Asansol (private vehicles)The series of WB-38 A #### to WB-38 Z #### has finished. Thereafter WB-44 A #### was started and ran up to WB-44 D ####. Currently WB-38 AA #### has been put to use instead of WB-44.
WB-39Durgapur (transport vehicles; also all SBSTC buses are registered in this RTO)
WB-40Durgapur (private vehicles)
WB-41Burdwan (transport vehicles)
WB-42Burdwan (private vehicles)
WB-43Kalna (transport vehicles)
WB-44WB-44 – WB-44D : Asansol (private vehicles), thereafter WB-38AA has started, WB-44E – … : Kalna (private vehicles)
WB-45(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-46(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-47Bolpur (transport vehicles)
WB-48Bolpur (private vehicles)
WB-49(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-50(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-51Nadia (transport vehicles)
WB-52Nadia (other than transport vehicles)
WB-53Birbhum (transport vehicles)
WB-54Birbhum (other than transport vehicles)
WB-55Purulia (transport vehicles)
WB-56Purulia (other than transport vehicles)
WB-57Murshidabad (transport vehicles)
WB-58Murshidabad (other than transport vehicles)
WB-59Raiganj (transport vehicles)
WB-60Raiganj (other than transport vehicles)
WB-61Balurghat (transport vehicles)
WB-62Balurghat (other than transport vehicles)
WB-63Cooch Behar (transport vehicles; all NBSTC buses are also registered from this RTO)
WB-64Cooch Behar (other than transport vehicles)
WB-65Malda (transport vehicles)
WB-66Malda (other than transport vehicles)
WB-67Bankura (transport vehicles)
WB-68Bankura (other than transport vehicles)
WB-69Alipurduar (transport vehicles)
WB-70Alipurduar (other than transport vehicles)
WB-71Jalpaiguri (transport vehicles)
WB-72Jalpaiguri (other than transport vehicles)
WB-73Siliguri (transport vehicles)
WB-74Siliguri (other than transport vehicles)
WB-75(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-76Darjeeling (transport vehicles)
WB-77Darjeeling (other than transport vehicles)
WB-78Kalimpong (transport vehicles)
WB-79Kalimpong (other than transport vehicles)
WB-80(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-81(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-82Raghunathpur (transport vehicles)
WB-83(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-84(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-85Mathabhanga RTO (all commertial vehicle)
WB-86Mathabhanga RTO (other than transport, both two and four wheeler)
WB-87(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-88(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-89Kalyani (transport vehicles)
WB-90Kalyani (private vehicles)
WB-91Islampur (commercial vehicles)
WB-92Islampur (private vehicles)
WB-93(Jangipur, West Bengal)(Murshidabad District) (Commerial Vehicle)
WB-94[Jangirpur, West Bengal] (Murshidabad) (transport vehicles)(Private Vehicle)
WB-95(* yet to be allotted *)
WB-96Baruipur (private vehicles)